Helpdesk List

  • Track abandoned checkout
  • How to cancel an order
  • How to refund an order
  • Fulfill order manually
  • Có đơn POD rồi Seller cần làm gì để rút tiền?
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  • How is your profit caculated
  • Where can I check and request a payout
  • Where can I view my balance and invoices
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  • Connect a domain to your store
  • Update menu navigation
  • Set up policy pages
  • Configure shipping fees
  • Set up payment methods
  • Create URL redirect
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  • Instruction setting up Facebook Pixel And Conversion API
  • How to create quantity Discounts
  • How to create Pre-Purchase
  • How to create Post-Purchase
  • Integrate Klaviyo
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  • How to customize a homepage
  • How to optimize a product page
  • Customize checkout steps
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  • How to create a product
  • How to create collections
  • Set up product widget recommendation
  • Set up product reviews
  • Ali Dropship Connector
  • Instructions for creating Personalized Products (Custom Name)
  • Instructions for creating guide size for each type of product
  • Guide to price determination and import products Aliexpress/1688
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